My current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

And it’s honestly one of the best phones I’ve ever owned.

It’s sleek, it’s fast, the display is really nice, the cameras are some of the best i’ve used, it’s awesome.

Today, I’m going to talk about why I own the phone that I own, and what I want my next phone to be.

But first, let’s go all the way back to my first ever phone.

The first phone I owned was an iPhone 3GS in 2nd Grade.

Okay, maybe it didn’t have a data plan and I couldn’t call people, but that’s beside the point. I don’t actually remember doing much with it.

I then had an iPhone 5 in 3rd and 4th grade. Same situation as the iphone 3gs, glorified iPod Touch.

That got put through the wash, and stopped working.

In 6th grade, I recieved my first actual phone. It was a 2017 Samsung Galaxy J3. Yeah. The swansong of “I’m in middle school and my parents got me the cheapest Samsung phone from”

It was decent.

It was by no means waterproof (it literally had a removable plastic back for the sim card, sd card and battery), but it was my first foray into Android.

I then decided that this phone was too slow and told my parents I wanted a refurbished S8 for Christmas in 2019. I did not get that phone.


This was my first venture into high-end android phones.

I then, when the power went out in the middle of August, went into the pitch-black basement to play drums. I dropped that phone and cracked the screen, making the lower 1/3 of the display black. I then used an old iPhone 6 until I got the phone that I have now in January of 2021.


Why Android?

I think one of the main reasons I like Android as much as I do is because of my first phone. Had I gotten a hand-me-down iPhone instead, I would probably have an iPhone 12 mini right now. But, I still prefer Android over Apple for a few reasons.

I am not a huge fan of Apple’s business practices (for reference: planned obsolescence)

If you don’t want to click on the article, one of the things that apple does that is subjectively pretty shady is something called planned obsolescence, where a product is intentionally hindered.

Apple pushed out software updates that hindered iPhone performance to try to get their customers to buy another phone from them. What I would do in this situation would be to… well, switch to Android. (kekw)

Apple also really locks down their devices, so that you need an Apple Developer account ($99) to even think about installing a .ipa file to your phone.

Whereas with many Android phones, it’s (in comparison to an iPhone or other iOS device) trivial to root/jailbreak the phone, or install a .apk file to the phone.

And, the base version of Android happens to be open-source, meaning that the source code is readily available and you can download it at any time. (For those interested, you can do so here.)

And, one of the best reasons as to “Why Android” is for the variety.

Look at the current lineup of iPhones. What do you see?

The same phone, tweaked slightly with every derivative, whereas if you look at Android…


The biggest of which being Google themselves, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Microsoft, and a whole plethora of others.


That’s why Android.

The Future

What phone do I want to have next?

This one. Or whatever comes after it.

Great cameras, a trusted brand, and people seem to really like it so far. I want to get an Unlocked version and then bring it in to AT&T, so that I can do hacky-hack stuff with it in the future.


So… Why android?

Variety, access to the operating system, not being locked down.

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